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The Partnership will work together to design and market advanced pharmacovigilance services in Spain and abroad. 

The Partnership will be the sector leader in Spain for providing comprehensive pharmacovigilance services and a European benchmark.



Madrid, March 2020. AZIERTA, a global science and health consultancy firm specialised in accompanying the health industry in its scientific development, manufacturing, distribution, and science to business, and PVPHARM, a strategic consultancy firm specialised in pharmacovigilance services in Spain and abroad for market authorisation holders, sponsors of clinical trials and other pharmacovigilance service providers, have signed a strategic partnership to develop comprehensive pharmacovigilance services.

This Partnership places the two companies at the top of the healthcare consulting sector in the area of pharmacovigilance, currently serving more than 2,000 clients that represent 80% of the pharmaceutical industry and around 25% of the market for pharmacovigilance services.

In the words of Azierta President Angel Navarro and PVPHarm CEO José Alberto Ayala, “the main beneficiaries of this partnership will be the customers of both companies, who will have the best professionals in our country at their service, and the sector in general, because the union of the two companies will place them among the 10 largest European firms in the field of pharmacovigilance, boosting their ability to offer comprehensive, innovative and global solutions to the entire pharmaceutical industry inside and outside of Europe, at a time when pharmacovigilance is especially important due to the pandemic”.

In the framework of the Partnership, PVPHARM CEO Jose Alberto Ayala Ortiz will assume the role of Pharmacovigilance Business Director at AZIERTA, in order to strengthen the Partnership's positioning in Spain and abroad, while working with the technical teams of AZIERTA and PVPHARM to develop new pharmacovigilance services to deliver new strategic solutions to the market.


Note to editors:

AZIERTA is a consultancy firm specialised in Science and Health with the main goal of strengthening bonds between science and business through the “Science to Business” concept, facilitating the transition of innovation and scientific development into the business world.

After being in business for 10 years, and thanks to a team of more than 100 professionals from various fields of Health Sciences, AZIERTA has become a national and international leader in Global and Comprehensive Scientific Consulting.

PVPHARM is a consultancy firm specialised in pharmacovigilance services for market authorisation holders, sponsors of clinical trials and other pharmacovigilance service providers, aimed at helping the pharmaceutical industry comply with regulatory requirements.

Founded in 2016, PVPHARM has an international team of consultants with extensive and renowned experience in the field of pharmacovigilance and provides strategic services to clients worldwide. With offices in Almeria, Madrid, and Prague, PVPHARM’s specialities include EU-QPPV and local QPPV services, pharmacovigilance audits, Eudra Vigilance Compliance, creating and maintaining pharmacovigilance quality systems for clients and custom pharmacovigilance training for the industry.


For more information:


Pablo Navarro - DIRCOM AZIERTA                                          

pablo.navarro@azierta.com  - Tel +34 636 471 220                                                                                


Elena Marín Cassinello – DIRCOM PVPHARM

elena.marin@pvpharm.com - Tel +34 950 387 986



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