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Azierta launches Digital, Science & Growth (DS&G), its new business unit dedicated to the digital transformation of companies in the health sector

The unit will be led by Dr. Antonio Borregón, former Global AVP and Chief Marketing Officer at MSD

Madrid, 11 November 2020

Azierta launches a new unit on the market dedicated to advising on operational and business models with a digital base and a wide catalogue of services. Its objective is to respond to the growing demand for the integration of digital strategies, science and health for business development.

Azierta's service offer in science and health is extended with the digital and business development expertise provided by Dr. Borregón, who will lead the new DS&G unit as Chief Digital Officer. DS&G's proposal will provide value not only to companies in the health sector, but to all those that must incorporate science and health as part of their business model.

In the new reality that the global pandemic is causing, DS&G will catalyse growth opportunities by driving companies' business forward with new digital-based business and operational models.

In the words of Dr. Antonio Borregón "At a time when there is still a long way to go in the digitalisation of companies in the health sector, there is an enormous space for business development for the majority of companies in a sector which is underdeveloped digitally compared to others in 'digital-first' models".

New times, new challenges

The new Azierta DS&G unit was born with the aim of:

-        To take advantage of the revolution of multi-channel 'hyper-connectivity' in the global digital ecosystem, driven by continuous advances in communication technology.

-        To accompany leaders, catalyzing the digital transformation of their organizations in the face of the new paradigm of customer relations. DS&G collaborates in re-imagining the vision from a digital perspective and diagnosing the degree of transformation of key areas of the business and operational model, such as culture, strategy, technology, processes and digital talent.

-        To articulate efficient and sustainable business models for companies, driving business growth, making technology, science and the strategic use of data converge.

-        Re-imagining the relationship between health agents, patients and citizens in the digitised health ecosystem

"DS&G's unit will consist of three areas: Strategic Digital Development, Digital Capabilities and Solutions and the Digital Transformation Office. These areas provide our clients with products and services such as the digital factory of scientific contents, multi-channel technological solutions and the area of data and information analysis. With a focus on the health professional client, patient or citizen, we apply our expertise and "ways-of-working" to the transformation of the client's experience, digitalising operational processes and transforming business models" points out Antonio Borregón.

DS&G's mission is to support companies, especially (but not only) in the health sector, by promoting digital transformation as a differentiation and market access engine, generating growth, efficiency and customer loyalty. The purpose of DS&G is to make the digital transformation tangible in the companies' profit and loss accounts, while contributing to improving health indicators and the population's quality of life.

About Azierta

Azierta is a consultancy firm specialised in Science and Health that is committed to promoting the relationship between science and the business environment through the "Science to Business" concept.

In addition to accompanying the health industry's products through all their cycles: scientific, manufacturing, distribution and science to business, it offers health infrastructure and management solutions that contribute to improving health standards globally.

Azierta has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Milan and Bogotá, as well as a network of international alliances to offer its products and services in the main markets. A team of more than 100 expert professionals develops projects for more than 500 national and international clients.

Note to editors:

Pablo Navarro - DIRCOM                  

e-mail: pablo.navarro@azierta.com                                                                    


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